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Preparing an emergency roadside kit


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How to prepare a roadside emergency kit for your car

When making preparations for emergencies, one of the things that is most important is likely to be your car.  Even if you don’t plan to bug out, you will want to make sure that if you change your mind, you will have a vehicle capable of going where you want it to go!  You really don’t know in advance what exact type of auto emergency you might have, so it’s a great idea to cover your bases in advance by having an emergency roadside kit.  Remember:  doing all you can to assure your road safety during an emergency can literally save your life.  Plan now, so you won’t have to scramble so hard later!

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Prepping in the News: Deaf Preppers, Tsunami Awareness and CERT?

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From The Chicago Tribune (edit 8/3/14: Link is no longer active) comes a story about helping the handicapped become aware of how to prepare for emergencies and natural disasters.  The State of Illinois has created a series of eleven prepping video segments using American Sign Language.  It covers planning for the household, gathering together a supply kit, decision-making about whether to bug out or bug in, and how to assist the disabled as well.  The cost of these videos was covered by the Illinois Terrorism Task Force, and since they are not state-specific, handicapped people living in other states can also find them useful.

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