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Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket Review

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to stay warm but didn’t have anything to help you? Well, let me introduce you to Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket. This incredible product is made of polyester and can be a true lifesaver in emergency situations. Whether you’re on a camping trip, hiking in the mountains, or facing a sudden power outage, this blanket has got you covered (literally!).

So, what are the benefits of owning Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket? First and foremost, it can provide you with the warmth and comfort you need when you find yourself in a chilly environment. Its polyester material is designed to retain and reflect your body heat, helping you stay cozy and protected from the cold. Moreover, this blanket is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around in your backpack or car without adding unnecessary bulk.

On the other hand, the drawbacks of not owning Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket can be quite significant. Without it, you might find yourself at risk of hypothermia when exposed to extreme temperatures. Additionally, the lack of a reliable source of warmth could lead to discomfort, a weakened immune system, and even injury. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard; make sure you have Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket handy whenever you venture into the great outdoors.

Now that you know the benefits and drawbacks, let’s take a deeper look at Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket in this review. We’ll explore its features, durability, and customer reviews to give you a comprehensive understanding of what it has to offer. So stay tuned, because you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Coghlans Emergency Blanket

Discover more about the Coghlans Emergency Blanket.

How Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket Works

Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket is a reliable and versatile product designed to keep you warm and protected in emergency situations. Made from durable polyester, this blanket is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, and anyone who values safety and preparedness. Whether you find yourself stranded in the wilderness or facing unexpected weather conditions, Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket is your reliable companion.

Lightweight and Portable

One of the key features of Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket is its lightweight and compact design. It easily fits into your backpack, emergency kit, or glove compartment, ensuring you have it within reach whenever needed. The blanket’s lightweight nature allows for easy carrying and does not add unnecessary bulk to your gear.

Heat Reflective Material

Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket is crafted from a special heat-reflective material that efficiently retains and reflects your body heat back to you. This innovative feature ensures maximum warmth and prevents heat loss, keeping you comfortable in even the harshest conditions. The special material also acts as a shield against wind, rain, and snow, offering excellent protection.

Versatile Uses

Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket serves multiple purposes, making it an essential item for a variety of situations. Here are some examples of how this blanket can be used:

Shelter and Protection

In case of emergencies or unexpected situations, the blanket can be used as a makeshift shelter or protective covering. Whether you need to create a temporary shelter, protect yourself from the elements, or shield yourself from the sun, Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket will come to your aid.

Signal for Help

The reflective nature of the blanket allows it to be used as a signaling device. By reflecting sunlight or flashlight beams, you can catch the attention of potential rescuers or passing aircraft, increasing your chances of being spotted and rescued.

Ground Cover

When the ground is damp or cold, Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket can be used as a barrier between you and the ground. Its waterproof nature prevents moisture from seeping through, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Product Specifications

To provide a clear understanding of the product, here are the specifications of Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket:

Specifications Details
Material Polyester
Origin Made in the USA or Imported
Product Dimensions 84 x 52 inches
Weight 2.1 ounces
Color Options Silver, Gold

Coghlans Emergency Blanket

Learn more about the Coghlans Emergency Blanket here.

Who Is Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket For

Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket is suitable for a wide range of individuals who value safety, preparedness, and outdoor activities. Here are a few examples of those who can benefit from this product:

  1. Outdoor Enthusiasts: Whether you are a camper, hiker, hunter, or fisherman, having Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket in your pack ensures you are prepared for unexpected situations or fluctuations in weather conditions.

  2. Travelers: For those venturing into remote areas or engaging in adventurous trips, this blanket provides an added layer of protection and peace of mind.

  3. Emergency Preparedness Kits: Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket is the perfect addition to any emergency kit or go-bag. It ensures you are ready to face unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket:


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Reflects body heat efficiently
  • Versatile uses for shelter, protection, and signaling
  • Waterproof and wind-resistant
  • Durable construction


  • The blanket may tear if not handled with care
  • Limited color options available

Coghlans Emergency Blanket


  1. Is Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket reusable?

    Yes, this blanket is designed for multiple uses and can be folded and stored for future emergencies.

  2. Can Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket be washed?

    Yes, the blanket can be hand-washed using mild detergent and lukewarm water. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before storing it.

  3. Can the blanket be cut into smaller sizes?

    While it is not recommended to cut the blanket, you can fold it to the desired size for your specific needs.

What Customers Say About Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket

Customers who have purchased Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket rave about its performance and reliability. Many have praised its lightweight design and its ability to withstand various weather conditions. Customers mention that it provides substantial warmth even in extremely cold temperatures and have found it to be a crucial piece of their outdoor gear.

Coghlans Emergency Blanket

Overall Value

Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket offers exceptional value for its price. With its numerous uses, durability, and efficient heat retention capabilities, it is a reliable companion for any outdoor adventure or emergency situation.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  1. Always keep Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket within easy reach, whether in your backpack, car, or emergency kit.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the uses and folding techniques of the blanket before heading out on your outdoor adventures.

  3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and storing the blanket to ensure its longevity.

Coghlans Emergency Blanket


In conclusion, Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket is a high-quality, lightweight, and versatile product that lives up to its reputation. Its efficient heat retention, durable construction, and multiple uses make it essential for any outdoor enthusiast or emergency preparedness kit. Don’t leave home without this reliable piece of gear that can offer warmth, protection, and the peace of mind you need in unexpected situations.

Product Summary

Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket combines durability, versatility, and efficient heat retention to provide you with a reliable and lightweight blanket when you need it most. With its multiple uses and compact design, this blanket is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and those who value preparedness.

Final Recommendation

For anyone seeking a versatile and reliable emergency blanket, Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket is the top choice. Its durable construction, efficient heat reflection, and lightweight design make it an essential item for any outdoor adventure or emergency situation. Don’t compromise on safety and preparedness – invest in Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket today.

Learn more about the Coghlans Emergency Blanket here.

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