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200x200 HeadshotMy name is Howard Harkness, and among other things, I am a Texas certified Concealed Handgun License instructor, and a part-time prepper. My wife (see her entry which I have kept below) actually started this blog, but she has become occupied with other things, and has passed DFW Preppers & Survivors to me. I had been doing mostly technical support and the occasional post for this blog before the passing of the torch, but now, it appears to be all mine.

Like my wife, I am not an expert prepper, but I have learned a few things in the journey toward self-reliance.

Maybe I will get her to do an occasional post…

One thing that is pleasantly surprising is that this blog has a fairly big audience. Even after the disaster with the migration to a new host (which probably would not have been necessary if I had already known some of the things I learned in the migration), this blog gets decent traffic. I’m not sure where I will go from here, but I have several post ideas in mind, and I hope to get some inputs from other preppers — including my youngest brother, Tom.

Photo taken by my granddaughter

Photo taken by my granddaughter

It’s always hard for me to decide just what to tell on “About Me” pages. It would be disingenuous for me to let you think I know much about prepping.  I just want to find out more, which is why I started this blog.

I figure there’s a lot more to learning than just reading.  Experiencing and doing are as important, if not more so. I consider myself to be something of a slow bloomer.  Or at least,  I consider that I did most things backward.  I raised my family, then went to college and graduated at 47 with a Master’s Degree in Accounting.  Now I’m a CPA and work in the Tax industry.  Although my industry is pretty much recession-proof, nobody is safe from natural or even man-made disasters.  This is why I want to reclaim the skills I had as a young woman, when I HAD to know how to cook and can, and I hope to learn new skills as well.

My favorite people are my hubby, who is a CHL instructor and who will be doing some guest blogging (as long as I can keep him on topic – he tends to “pontificate” on occasion) my kids and my grandkids, and my absolutely number one favorite hobby is cruising.  I am not happy unless I have at least one cruise scheduled in the future.  Currently, I have four cruises scheduled, so that makes me really really happy :-)!

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5 Responses to About Us

  1. Wendy says:

    Looking forward to reading, Georgene!

  2. Stewart says:

    I do enjoy learning from other people. Given the catastrophe that’s heading our way, learning and cooperation is going to be critical.

    I do not have a blog site due to work restrictions (possibly in the future this will change) but like to contribute as much as possible.

  3. BrianTxEagle says:

    Hi Georgene!

    I’m looking forward to learning with you and the others. My wife and I have lived in the DFW area for the past 17 years. She’s new to the prepping world, my prepping is just an extension of what I learned as an Eagle Scout.

    I chuckled when I saw that you worked in the accounting profession. I started as an Accountant in the late 1980’s. I was able to leave the number-crunching world to restart a career in teaching. Trust me, summer vacation is wasted on the young, it is much more enjoyable after years of corporate work limited by 2-3 weeks off 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to create this site!

    • Georgene says:

      Welcome! I hope we can get some good stuff going here. Fortunately, despite the fact I work in the accounting/tax world, I don’t actually have to DO any accounting or tax work either 🙂 Life is good! Thanks for registering!

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