Staying Healthy as a Prepper

DestroyDiabetesThis is an excerpt from my newsletter issue #19.

If you are overweight, have diabetes, or come down with heart disease or stroke, that is bad enough during “normal” times when you have reasonably good access to medical care. If you are in a WROL or TEOTWAWKI situation, then all of your other prepping efforts amount to nothing.

Along that line, I got an article proposal from a freelance writer last week offering to do an article for the blog. I do occasionally have guest articles on DFWPreppers, so I invited her to submit one. It was reasonably well-written, and had some good tips. But one of her tips almost caused me to gag — it was to store lots of Crisco, which she said could be used for cooking & and salves for minor wounds or even just dry skin. Oh, and with a suitable wick, a 3-lb can of Crisco will make a candle that will burn for several days straight.

The tip about long-lasting candles might be useful, but using Crisco to cook (especially fry) food is a really bad idea — and I wrote back to her to explain why. She replied that I was being too picky. After a couple of email exchanges, she decided her feelings were hurt, advised me to pursue the “health niche” instead of prepping, and withdrew the article. That, even after admitting that she was aware that Crisco is not good for you.

I’m just not going to recommend something that I know is not fit for human consumption, and partially-hydrogenated cottonseed oil (Crisco) is definitely not fit for human consumption, even in small amounts. The other tips regarding salve and long-lasting candles can be accomplished just as well with tallow or lard, and those natural fats have the additional attribute of being real, healthy food. Per the book shown on the right (published almost 15 years ago!), this has actually been known not just for decades, but for centuries. (End of excerpt)

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