New Movie: “PREPPER”

AndrewPattersonI had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Andrew Patterson, director of a new movie he is working on, called “PREPPER.”

I originally saw one of the casting calls for extras back in May, about the time I was getting ready to move to Tulsa, so I passed it up. Kinda too bad; that looks like something I would have enjoyed. We had a short, but very interesting interview (posted below). For some additional information, you can look at the blog set up for the movie.

The initial filming is all done now, and the hard part has begun. Two hard parts, actually:

  1. Editing all of the video into a coherent movie, and
  2. Marketing the movie.

I hope I can help with #2.

The interview video is a bit wonky, but the audio did come through acceptably well.

UPDATE: Here is the trailer for PREPPER:

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