Bicycle Repair

BicycleShopIn newsletter issue #20, I discuss the lowly bicycle.

One of the biggest advantages of the bicycle is that all of the basic maintenance on a bicycle can be performed with non-powered hand tools. Anyone who is reasonably good with his/her hands and can invest in a few hundred dollars’ worth of good tools can repair — or build from scrap parts — bicycles. That could be a valuable skill even before TEOTWAWKI.

I have a couple of bicycles myself, one for me, and one for my wife. In the past, I’ve taken them to the bicycle shop for a “tune-up” when needed, and paid quite a bit for that. Now that I have reviewed part of the DIY bike repair course, I can see that I could spend about the same amount of money on tools, jigs, and supplies, and do all of the needed adjustments myself as often as needed!

The DIY bike repair course consists of several videos which clearly illustrate how to do all of the basic adjustments and repairs on a bicycle — including the more modern high-tech bicycles. The author of the course provides 3 levels in the course, a $47 (basic) level, a $97 upsell (advanced) and a $147 upsell (premium). Last I checked, the premium level was on sale for the same price as the advanced, but that could change at any time. Besides which, I think the basic $47 course (which includes some bonuses) is really adequate for most purposes.

Click here to learn bicycle maintenance and repair!

This and other topics are covered in issue #20 of the DFWPrepper newsletter.

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