Panama & Costa Rica as Retirement (or Prepper) Havens

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CostaRicaAndPanama_001I have watched with some dismay the political happenings in the US over the past decade or so, and have occasionally thought about the possibility of relocating outside of the US.

So far, the drawbacks have outweighed the advantages. If I were to move out of the US, I would probably choose from the following three countries:

  1. Panama
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Belize

Of those three, Belize seems to be the most favorable, yet the downsides still outweigh the upsides. The main negative of Panama and Costa Rica (compared to Belize) is the need to learn Spanish. I’m not terribly opposed to learning to speak Spanish more fluently, but for the life of me, I just can’t roll my R’s.

I have been following several foreign blogs for a while, and one of my favorites has been Chiriqui Chatter. If you are interested in moving to Panama, I highly recommend this blog. Especially the post entitled “A Blind Eye and a Deaf Ear” by Don Ray (the blog owner).

I find Don Ray to be an entertaining and humorous writer. Most of the time. “A Blind Eye and a Deaf Ear” is not humorous or entertaining. It’s just really important.

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