Late Autumn Follow-up With Chris Downs

ChrisDowns2014-11-29_19-01-10I last spoke with Chris back in April, and we had a pleasant discussion of the various things needed to live off the grid up in the Colorado mountains.As mentioned then, I first heard about Chris from an e-book entitled “Leap Into Your New Life” which also featured some other folks I have not (yet) interviewed. I got a copy of the ebook, and I’m giving it out to anybody who signs up for my newsletter — which, so far, has been about as infrequent as Chris’ newsletter.

Speaking of which, despite (or maybe because of) the long times between the issues of newsletters, it is one of the few newsletters I truly look forward to reading, and if you have an interest in living off the grid, you should get his newsletter.

In this interview, I managed to catch Chris in the evening after sundown, so the video isn’t quite as clear as I would have liked. I also have a little problem with video lags, and the audio dropped out in a couple of places. I believe that the problem was with bandwidth variability on my end. (I’m looking forward to getting back to Texas so I can use Verizon FiOS again instead of Time-Warner Cable.)

We spent about 25 minutes catching up with the various happenings at Chris’ farm, and we have agreed to do another follow-up in late Spring.

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