Interview with Mike Cecot-Scherer, An Extraordinary Tent Designer

Space-age technology in tent designI’m always on the lookout for various bargains that would be of interest to my readers. While most times I don’t find anything worth writing about (and occasionally I miss out on a product review because the available items are snatched up too quickly by others…), sometimes that search takes me in a unexpected – and very interesting – direction.

In this case, I inquired about testing a backpack of unusual design, and I didn’t get there soon enough to get an evaluation unit. However, the guy who had organized the original promotion told me about an engineer who designed tents for a living, and that I should get in touch with him.

I followed up on the website link, and what I found was that Mike Cecot-Scherer was indeed somebody I very much wanted to get to know. After a couple of rounds of emails, I succeeded in talking Mr. Scherer into doing an interview with me on Skype.

Please bear with me on the less-than-perfect technical production of this video. Not only am I not all that great at interviewing, but I’m not the world’s best video editor, either. The audio starts out a bit poorly, but improves after a few minutes.

I think that preppers are going to be very interested in a tent that can remain stable in 30+ knot winds, sleeps 2 adults and 2 or 3 children comfortably, can be assembled or disassembled in 10 minutes by one person, and weighs less than 10 lbs (including the rainfly and tent stakes).

If you have a serious bug-out-bag, this is something you want in it. Or maybe attached to it.

Mike is doing a kickstarter for this project, because he feels that this space-age-technology tent probably could not even be produced by a commercial tentmaker, at least not in the current market. That also means that if you don’t get in on the kickstarter, you may never get another chance to own one of these. I hope he’s wrong on both counts, and that this radical new design not only becomes a commercial success, but that it sets the bar that much higher for the competition. If you do get in the kickstarter, you will get a tent that is better than anything else on the market, for less money than some other premium tents.

In the interview, Mike talks about the technology in this tent, and makes a special offer to readers of this blog who order one of his prior successful kickstarter items (no, not a tent, but something else you’ll wonder how you ever did without).



      • 00:14 Introduction
      • 01:10 245 different tent designs to date (along with other camping gear designs)
      • 02:00 How a deficient tent design led him to find his niche
      • 03:40 “Back in the day…”
      • 03:55 Why Mike’s newest design would be of interest to preppers
      • 06:00 Problems in tent design
      • 09:00 Mike’s frustration with the overall lack of innovation in tent design
      • 10:00 Mike’s previous kickstarter that did very well — and a special offer for DFWPrepper readers — if you order one of these tools, and put “I’m a DFWPrepper reader” in the PayPal comment section, you will get a refund of the shipping expense — and a discount. This deal is only good through the last day of September, 2014.
      • 15:30 Some interesting videos on
      • 20:00 Completely new pole technology
      • 24:20 His kickstarter project is totally transparent as to where the money goes
      • 26:00 Wind-tunnel testing

After you watch this video, check out Mike’s main site and his kickstarter. He shows how the tent can be quickly set up by one person, and he also shows the series of wind-tunnel tests we talked about in our interview.

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