What it means to be a Prepper

teotwawkiReady for anything is the motto of the prepper. Preppers have gotten flak for crossing the line in terms of holding doomsday theories as fact. The Cold War brought about thoughts of nuclear disaster. Once the dust settled and the Soviet Union broke apart, Y2K became the new potential disaster. Y2K was one of the most widespread prepper movements I can remember. My family stocked up on gallons of freshwater, canned foods, and dehydrated goods; and they weren’t even preppers! After Y2K turned out to be a false alarm, then preppers started preparing for the millennium and the end of the world. Most recently, the Mayan prophesies of an apocalypse has passed, turning out to be nothing more than a few spooky news stories and fictitious predictions. Since each of the “big” prepper events have passed with less than a whimper, why do preppers continue to prep today?

Being a prepper isn’t about getting ready for a single event. The world is such a complex place that nobody can predict what may happen in the future, short or long-term. We hear so much about global warming and pollution of the planet (two things that I strongly believe are happening), but as bad as things seem to be, life goes on and continues to thrive. Will this cycle endure? Or will there really be an event in which SHTF and the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) comes to fruition? To preppers, we loosely believe the pillars of society will one day shatter. The result of that is unclear, but that is the glory of being a prepper.

It doesn’t matter what the event is. North Korea could launch a nuclear attack on the United States causing a full-scale nuclear war. An oversized asteroid may strike the earth. Global warming could become bad enough to melt the entirety of the polar ice caps, causing raised water levels and a massive storm that could crush most of the life remaining on this earth. Perhaps an incurable virus breaks out killing each human it comes in contact with. The point is, regardless of the situation, preppers will be equipped to survive: physically, mentally, and emotionally. As life stands at this moment, it is too easy. Anyone with mobility can walk or drive an automobile down to the supermarket and purchase milk, eggs, and groceries. We’ve become soft as a species.

Being a prepper is about cutting all strings of dependence. Humans have become entirely dependent; on government, on electronics and electronic devices, and upon technology in general. While many of the gadgets intend to serve some positive purposes, many of our lives have become consumed and obsessed with these tools, making our lives exceedingly easy. In terms of humans being dependent on the government, I don’t need to lecture you on social programs, food stamps, or the like. If you can’t attain the food you eat, natural selection should have weeded you out by now. When SHTF only the strong will survive. This does not mean those who are physically strong but those who have the mental fortitude to carry them through tough times. If you are serious about becoming a prepper, get off your butt and take action for yourself. After all, when the end comes it won’t be anyone else’s responsibility to ensure you wake up tomorrow morning. A prepper is self-reliant and takes full responsibility for their life.

Being a prepper is not for everyone. If you can read the tea leaves and understand that the world will not continue to be such a walk in the park, you’ll understand that the end will come. The only question is when. Will you be ready?

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About Gale Newell

Gale Newell is continually working on being a self-sufficient human being. She finds herself spending her summer days outdoors, whether that raising her own food in her organic garden or playing cards with friends and family. She is very much into grilling meals on her old-school charcoal grill and has since lifted her addiction to multiple television series. She feels freer than ever and is truly happy. She is prepared for the future and ready for whatever happens next. She writes on behalf of TopConsumerReviews.com’s debt relief and debt consolidation page.
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