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Food is one of my favorite topics – isn’t it one of yours, too?  When I think about all the things that I need to prepare for in a crisis situation, my thoughts always turn first toward the question “what will we eat?”  That’s probably why you see so many posts on this blog about food.  Food I cook now, food I put aside for later, using freeze dried food, buying too much food and using it up before it goes bad (while hoping all the time that I still have set aside enough for later), and even making sure that I have the best emergency and camping equipment with plenty of food to take along if the worst thing that happens is that I “get” to go camping (not my favorite activity, by the way – I’m a city girl at heart).

I suppose my interest in food isn’t all that unusual,  though, because everyone likes to eat, and even if they aren’t as kindly disposed toward food as I am, they know they’re going to have to eat anyway when things get bad.  Food is one of those things you really can’t afford to be without, folks!

That’s why it’s very important to have your food storage system down so you know some pretty important things in a crisis:

  • what you are going to eat
  • how much of it you are going to have available to eat
  • how you are going to prepare it
  • what it’s going to taste like when you serve it to your family

One important component of all the planning for food is to make sure you are completely ready with all our freeze dried food and more in place as well.  Let’s face it: if the food you buy to eat later doesn’t last due to spoilage, is improperly stored, or tastes so bad it’s inedible, you are going to find yourself in a much worse situation than you thought, so now’s a great time to figure out what you are going to do.

An excellent, all-in-one solution to all the above questions is Jean Van Deren’s THRIVE food system over at Right Food4 Life.  THRIVE takes the same foods you normally eat anyway – fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy, for example, flash-freezes them, removes 98% of the moisture, and seals them carefully in oxygen-proof cans to ensure their maximum shelf life.  Then, when you are ready to eat them, you replace the water that was originally removed, to make them perfect for every day use.  THRIVE provides a comprehensive line of both basic foods such as freeze-dried apples, broccoli, chicken and egg white powder (if you are like me and like to cook your own food), as well as dishes already prepared for your family, like bagged and freeze-dried  Broccoli-Cheese soup and Southwest-Style Chicken and Rice.

THRIVE has also figured out the best way to ensure that you rotate your food stock, providing a comprehensive system to optimize your existing storage or to engineer new storage solutions that often can be adjusted to the size of your already-existing food packages.  Best of all, most of these storage solutions auto-rotate the foods so you will automatically be using the oldest ones first.

And finally, while you can eat THRIVE foods right out of the can or add them to your child’s lunchbox just as they are, just in case you decide you want to inspire yourself, be sure to look for the THRIVE Cookbook, which showcases the best and most delicious ways to prepare your freeze-dried foods.

I can’t think of many things more depressing than the idea of having two hundred cans of tuna to eat, and discovering when it’s too late that you hate tuna and – on top of everything else – you don’t have a manual can opener! THRIVE provides a convenient solution to all these problems.  Take a look at THRIVE today!







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