Solar Storm Knocks Out Power Grid – Novel “A Distant Eden”

Have you done any good reading lately? How about a good prepper novel with a survival message? Maybe one about what happens when a massive solar storm knocks out the power grid of a huge city? Ah, now you’re talking our language! And then, to see it’s set in the Dallas/Fort Worth area….yep, I could definitely read that one.A Distant Eden - prepping novel

I just received an email from Lloyd Tackitt, author of A Distant Eden asking me if I wouldn’t mind mentioning and linking to his recently-published Kindle novel/survival manual on Amazon, based on the idea of what happens when a huge solar storm brings everything to a halt in a very large city. You might want the paper version, if you want a copy that is a little more accessible if the power does actually go down.

Let me just mention first: I have not yet read this book, but I definitely am about to head over to Amazon and get it for my Kindle. At approximately 218 pages, the price is such a flea-bite, there’s really no risk at all. Keep in mind that while Mr. Tackitt is telling a story, it’s definitely a story with an important point. Be sure when you read it to use this book as a learning, as well as an entertaining, experience.

Mr. Tackitt writes in his email:

I have a new hybrid survival manual/novel “A Distant Eden” that describes techniques for surviving after the grid goes down, in a story format. The story takes place in Texas, including both Dallas and Fort Worth. It has received an average 4.2 stars out of a possible 5 stars. It is on Amazon kindle for 99 cents, or paper back for 6.99. It is also available in all other ebook formats for nook, kobo, sony, etc. Amazon link is below.

I wonder if you would be willing to list it on your website as I believe it will be of interest to your readers.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lloyd Tackitt

Sure, Lloyd, I don’t mind! (Note: Current prices may differ)

I looked at the reader reviews, and, though I am sure Mr. Tackitt’s book could be improved – whose couldn’t, including MINE – 7 Survival Skills You Must Learn to Be Safe in Tough Times Ahead !! (and another one of mine, actually – How to Schedule, Plan and Enjoy Your Very First Cruise Like You’ve Been Doing it Forever).

Most of the 14 reviews I read were 4 stars, which isn’t bad! Mr. Tackitt acknowledges the need for improvement, but like I said, we all have room for improvement. I certainly think that if you are interested in prepping, Mr. Tackitt’s book posits an interesting scenario, and at its current price, is definitely worth the small investment to read.

Good luck, Lloyd, on your book! Come back again and let me know when you have another one!

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