Preparing an emergency roadside kit

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How to prepare a roadside emergency kit for your car

When making preparations for emergencies, one of the things that is most important is likely to be your car.  Even if you don’t plan to bug out, you will want to make sure that if you change your mind, you will have a vehicle capable of going where you want it to go!  You really don’t know in advance what exact type of auto emergency you might have, so it’s a great idea to cover your bases in advance by having an emergency roadside kit.  Remember:  doing all you can to assure your road safety during an emergency can literally save your life.  Plan now, so you won’t have to scramble so hard later!

Is your cell phone ready and available?

AAA Emergency First Aid Kit

Depending on the emergency, you may not be able to contact roadside assistance if you run into trouble, but just in case, be sure you have your  cell phone – and charger –  with you and a list of the numbers either pre-programmed into your phone, or available on a list in your glove compartment.  Realize that if you are traveling and you need to call 911, the operator will not be able to tell your location, so be sure you know at all times where you are.  Pay particular attention to exit signs, street corner signs, large landmarks, and buildings you can use to tell the operator how to get to you.

Safety First!

Be sure to include  First-Aid supplies in your emergency roadside kit.   AAA has assembled a 121-Piece Emergency Roadside Kitthat is compact but has a lot of items that are necessary.  Clear windows make it possible to see exactly what you need, and it has a carabiner for fastening to your belt, backpack, or securing  in your vehicle. The case is small enough to even use in a Smart car, even though it carries enough supplies to be useful for a small family.  This kit is suitable for home, vehicle or outdoor use.  For fire issues, don’t be without the First Alert Auto Fire Extinguisher.  This convenient type of fire extinguisher is effective on oil, grease, gasoline and electrical fires, and it features easy-to-read instructions for quick reference and a mountable safety bracket.

Don’t let a flat tire stop you!

The Slime PowerSpare 48-piece Tire Repair Kit has a heavy-duty 12-olt tire inflator with 16 feet of coiled air hose.  Time to inflate is approximately 3 minutes, and there are multiple adapters for different inflatables.  You can connect direct to the battery with the included alligator clip, and the Slime tire sealant seals punctures up to 1/4″ instantly.  This kit is packaged in a durable case to store easily in your vehicle and keep everything in one spot.

 Don’t forget to warn others!

While you might not necessarily want everyone else to know exactly what you are up to, if you are stranded, keeping people from running over you becomes a pretty high priority!  This set of  Triangle Warning signs is weighted to keep them from blowing away, and fits legal standards for this type of sign.  Also, this set of three weather-resistant Emergency Flares come in a compact poly bag for storage and have a magnetic base.

Even if the chances of getting stranded are low, you should still be prepared for a worst case scenario. By having an emergency roadside kit in place, you can greatly increase your chances of survival when disaster strikes.  Start with the products mentioned, then customize your own with other additions you know you will need.

If you have suggestions for other items to include in your emergency roadside kit, I’d love to hear them!

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    The items you mentioned in this post are great! I will definitely stock up on them.

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    Great advice! I actually give out ‘car BOBs’ as Christmas and birthday gifts.

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