Survivalist Magazine (a review)

Guest post by TXCHLInstructor.

Some time ago, my wife promised that I would write a guest article (I have only a dim memory of signing on for that, but I see that it is featured in the left sidebar), so here it is.

Survivalist Magazine Front Cover

Survivalist Magazine Front Cover

A few months back, a new magazine appeared in our mailbox. It was Survivalist. It was from a trial subscription request my wife submitted. I found it a bit interesting, given the subtitle “Survive Without Fear,” that the entire first issue was blatant fear-mongering. As if our situation wasn’t quite dire enough, the magazine painted a picture of all the ways our world as we know it might suddenly end. Which caused me to wonder why I would actually want to survive any of those scenarios — it looked to me like the lucky ones would be those who died quickly. I read about half of the articles, then tossed it.

Then, issue #2 arrived. We were a bit surprised, since we thought we were only going to get one sample issue. There was a little detail in the front cover that practically jumped out at me. I have attached a photo of the front cover above — can you see the problem? Well, it’s a bit hard to see the details on the full cover photo, so I’ll show you an enlarged section below that reads “7 Sensible Strategies for Teaching Gun Safety.”

Excerpt from cover

Excerpt from cover

But that’s not the problem. In fact, teaching gun safety is a topic near and dear to me as a CHL and NRA Basic Pistol Instructor. My main goal in my classes is to insure that all of my students learn to shoot well, carry responsibly, and depart the class with the same number of body piercings they had when they arrived.

Finger On The Trigger

Finger On The Trigger

The problem is a little farther to the right and slightly up from that excerpt, as shown in the next photo. If the problem is not immediately obvious from that photo, then you definitely have never attended any of my gun safety classes, because nobody passes my range test until he or she learns to keep his/her finger off of the trigger until the sights are on the target. It’s obvious to me that the folks who put the cover story together need to attend one of my classes so that they can gain a little credibility.

To be fair, I think that the third issue was a slight improvement (it wasn’t about guns, but about food storage). Also, my wife told me that they took a lot of flak from their readers about the “finger on the trigger” photo (I didn’t read the letters to the editor section). Apparently, they use some stock-photo service instead of doing their own photography. My suggestion to them would be to solicit photos from their readers, and just give credit on the cover when they use a reader’s photo. They would probably get a good selection of topical photos that wouldn’t cost them anything but an acknowledgement.

I’m curious to see just how long this magazine will last. In fact, when I was double-checking the links in this post, I saw that the link to the magazine’s site was down (but that may be just a temporary glitch).

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