Are you sitting on a “nickel” mine? If not – you should be!

I was reading through some excellent survival blogs a few days ago, and saw several  references to the fact that a nickel is now worth more than its face value.


After further investigation, I discovered that not only is a nickel worth more now than face value, and has been for some time (see this chart for the current value),  but there has been discussion – and a bill introduced, but not passed –  to reformulate the coin to bring the value back down to its original denomination. Are you aware that the nickel is the last denomination of unadulterated coin ?  All the other coins in general circulation have been “sandwiched”. Now,  keep in mind that it’s illegal to melt them down or take them out of the country even in very small quantity (see here for a discussion of this), but it certainly isn’t illegal to save them!

Still, if the nickels are ever reformulated, (though plans have been put on hold ) they will no longer have a higher value than their denomination. Additionally, as opposed to pennies, quarters, and other denomination of coins – it’s easy to tell which nickels are valuable – ALL OF THEM! With pennies, dimes and quarters, it’s necessary to hunt through your stock and pick out the “original” ones, usually by looking at the edges to see whether or not it is a “sandwich” coin.

Many people (myself included) have considered long and hard the possibility of investing in gold, silver, or other precious metals.  The problem  is that if you invest, for example, in a small gold coin – even 1/10th of an ounce – you have a pretty good-sized chunk of change in your hand.  So, post TEOTWAWKI, if I want to buy some bubble-gum, and all I have set aside for monetary value is a 1/10th ounce gold coin, the seller is going to have trouble coming up with the change, or worse yet, will adjust the price of his bubble-gum to – surprise! – the value of the gold, currently in the $175.00 range)!   OK, so maybe bubble gum is not a ‘necessity,’ but what if – having not been as prepared as I should be – I wanted to buy a gallon of water, milk, or oil?  That’s still exceedingly expensive!

It seems to me that, given this scenario, the humble nickel is a great investment!  Although heavy, they are easily stored in rolls.  They don’t require a huge investment all at one time (if you can’t afford to buy $20 in nickels once every few weeks, you really need to be examining your budget.) They don’t look suspicious, so they are great for Operational Security.  Try spending a gold coin at the grocery store and someone is going to get nervous (even though groceries are getting really expensive these days)!

And they will probably become even more valuable as time goes by.  See you at the bank!


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