Plants! Water thyselves!

My friend Bob over at BlindSquirl has been busy growing some beautiful food! (Not a bad looking kiddo he’s growing there, too – be sure to go take a look at the little cutie!)

One of the problems I have always had with growing flowers and food is that I tend to forget to water them. Oh, I start out with good intentions, and then I get busy inside on the computer, and next thing I know, several days have gone by, and the plants have gone bye-bye too. Very disappointing.

Well, Bob has a solution to this problem! He has written instructions for how to build a Self-Watering Planter that makes it easy for you when you go on vacation, or if you just get real busy, to keep your plants lush and watered. Not only that, but the system he has designed creates nice-sized planters that are big enough to hold several plants, but not so big that you can’t move them around.

Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, illustrated with lots of vivid pictures, this Self-Watering Planter instruction book comes in pdf form for instant download, and the price is a measly $9.99, payable very conveniently through Paypal. I don’t think there’s even the slightest detail that Bob has left out of his guide. His 20 years plus of designer experience in the auto industry certainly shows through in his book! Please take a look over at Bob’s site and check out his video, too.

Just in case my links aren’t coming through very well in your browser, you can visit Bob’s site at and you can order his book at We can never be too kind to the plants that feed us!

Update: I just want to note that I received a free copy of the book for my review. I do not receive anything at all from his sales. If Bob sells 1 or 100, it’s all the same financially to me, but I do think this book is worth the money.

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