Here comes the sun….and the wind, too!

Well, seems like the elements were against me this weekend!

My plans were twofold:  first, assemble and take the first steps toward getting my sun oven ready to cook.  “Getting the oven ready” involves:

1)  Peeling the film off

2)  Setting the oven up in the sun

3)  Allowing the oven to heat up for about 90 minutes, then giving it a thorough scrubbing

Secondly, I planned to cook something tasty!

Enter the clouds….

But I was able to get the first steps accomplished toward setup.  The sun oven is very easy to remove from the box.  The hard part is getting the film off that comes with it.  It is placed on the reflectors as a protective measure, and the oven won’t do its job of reflecting until the film is peeled off.  This turned into a major process.  Not really difficult, but time-consuming.  Turns out, though, that there wasn’t any need to be in a hurry because the sun was hiding most of the weekend!

Peeling the film off the reflectors - tedious, but a one-time procedure

The sun did finally come out, and I quickly ran outside with my oven and set it up.  Unfortunately, with the sun came the wind.  After going back into the house and hearing an ominous-sounding crash, I decided it would be best to just wait until a less windy day to do the initial heat-up.  So back inside it came, and now I am waiting for a calmer day.  Tuesday was not  to be the day, however, as the winds, already high now, were expected to pick up even more in the afternoon, in anticipation of some thunder-booming.  We got the winds, but no thunderstorms yet.

While waiting on the weather, I decided to do some canning.   I made the mistake last year at Thanksgiving of buying way too many cranberries – because we like cranberries and I love making homemade cranberry sauce!  There was no way we could eat them all, though, so they have been languishing in the freezer outside.  I just realized recently that they were taking up a lot of space I could be using for foods we eat all the time, so I decided that my very first canning project would be cranberries!

So, my next post will be on canning cranberries, with the pressure method, not the water bath (hint:  the pressure method is WAY easier!)

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4 Responses to Here comes the sun….and the wind, too!

  1. Wendy says:

    Green Beans are a wonderful food to can. In fact, just the other day I told the girls that instead of a garden with a lot of different food, I think I am putting in almost the entire garden in green beans, peppers and tomatoes. I’ve got flats of tomatoes and peppers on the back deck that are going in the next day or two. I’ve got a very good Jalapeno Jelly recipe that dozens of people I know love, and I need to make large batches of that this year to give away. Tomatoes are so versatile – you can make ketchup and tomato sauce, and then use that sauce in so many things – soup, chili, spaghetti sauce, casseroles, etc. I’ve also diced up the tomatoes and canned them plain and with spices. Another great addition to soups, stews, etc., and made home made salsa.

  2. Light Dancing says:

    Within the very first week of using my solar cooker I discovered that the wind was more of a problem for me than the clouds. So I dragged out an old sliding glass door that I had purchased from a recycling store for $50. bucks, and some used lumber and nails and erected a diagonal wind brake on the South East corner of m cabin to block the prevailing South winds in my area. So whether you are using a “Box Oven” or a “Parabolic Cooker”, it does a beautiful job of not only protecting your solar cooker from damage but eliminating 90% of the “Wind-Chill” (even on extremely windy days) that would otherwise make it impossible to reach the temperatures needed for baking or frying food. As it turns out, It’s also a great place to sit and relax on days that would otherwise be unpleasant to sit outside. Hope this helps. – Light Dancing
    See my 6 minute Slide show at the following link:

    • Georgene says:

      This does, indeed, help a lot! I was beginning to think that I was going to have to give up the solar cooker, due to the wind issues. Now I have an idea of how to overcome those. Thanks much!

  3. Light Dancing says:

    I’m pleased to know that my information was helpful. I love sharing useful ideas with others, as (obviously) you also do. – Light

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