What’s all this “survival” stuff about, anyway?

As I was paying my fine at my local library one blustery winter day, somehow, out of all the books on the shelf, One Second After caught the corner of my eye, as interesting titles will sometimes do. I picked it up and read a little of the inside cover blurb about survival and emergency preparedness, and thought….hmmm – am I sure this is something I really want to read about? I leafed through it slowly and made my way to the checkout, not realizing at that moment that my life was about to change.

This book describes in detail how life was severely disrupted for the residents of one fictional town during the first year after suffering an Electro-Magnetic Pulse blast directly over the United States. An EMP blast causes no physical damage and no radiation poisoning, but it destroys all electronics under its energy field, permanently. Surprisingly, the book isn’t depressing. It certainly is eye-opening, though, and as I was reading it, I realized that it doesn’t take an blast – or even anything close to a year without electricity – to alter the life of every person affected. Even a hurricane or an earthquake can cause untold damage, as we have seen in the events in Haiti and EMP“Snowmaggedon”in the Northeast earlier this year, and Hurricane Katrina.

We in the North Texas area have been lucky. Oh, we have our storms, and some occasional power outages, even severe ones. But don’t you think if a major emergency like Katrina or “Snowmageddon” happens to us, we will wish we had spent more time and energy investing in survival gear, food, planning, equipment and training? So far, we have not seen the type of disaster that can cause widespread panic, mass exodus, long-term power shutdowns, looting, starvation and random violence that most of us would prefer not to think about.

It is my intention in this blog to gently turn our face toward the possibilities that exist. Not because we want to be depressed or frightened, but when it comes to preparedness, knowledge and focused action are the best antidotes to depression and fear. I would also like to introduce you to “Preppers,” a group of people who take seriously the idea that awareness and emergency preparedness are crucial.

I hope we can discuss many aspects of survival, including but certainly not limited to:

  • food preservation and sources
  • emergency supplies and storage
  • what to do when the grid goes down
  • community cooperation
  • personal and family security
  • communications under difficult situations
  • budgeting for preparedness

I am hoping to gather a repository of information that we can use to help each other. I also hope that it will be useful even to those who don’t live in the Metroplex, but with the help of my readers, maybe we can gather together some locally-available emergency resources.

And there are also some things I would prefer not to talk about.

This blog is not about religion or politics. I understand that my readers may be very involved in their religion, and that they have strong political feelings – doesn’t everyone? Nevertheless, I would prefer to keep the tone of this blog all about safety, security, and alternatives to the just-in-time mentality many of us have when it comes to preparing for a future that may be drastically different than we expect – a future that we can only hope won’t happen, but that we must be prepared for, if it does.

So, readers, what kind of emergency preparations have YOU made? Have you been involved in a natural – or other type – of disaster? What was your experience, and will you share it with us?  Comments are open!

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  1. Laura says:

    Wow! I look forward to following your blog. I do think of this and think about how dependent we are on outside sources for just about everything. Excellent!

  2. Georgene says:

    Thank you, Kailey! Glad you like it! The sun oven got blown around a little bit today, so I’ll need to wait until the wind dies down a bit before I try it again.

    Love you!

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